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Patriotic Decanter- 750mL .50 BMG

Patriotic Decanter- 750mL .50 BMG


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Make every drink taste like freedom.  



SIZE GUIDE: 750mL Decanter





American Made Bullet Glassware and the most bad ass glassware you’ve ever seen. Instantly makes every drink taste that much better.  Each decanter is handcrafted in Wisconsin, USA by the father and son team at BenShot LLC.  Each decanter comes with a REAL, solid copper embedded bullet and custom stamped lid.  These will be the topic of the conversation while entertaining friends and family. 


  • 100% safe to drink from.
  • Each decanter is unique as they are handcrafted one at a time.
  • All packaging and raw materials are made in the USA.
  • Packaged in custom boxes.


**Decanters should be hand-washed. Dishwashers may tarnish the copper bullet**